VRJAM partners with Agora for VR event technology platform launch

VRJAM, the real-time performance platform for live virtual and augmented reality on mobile devices, has announced a partnership with voice, video and live interactive streaming platform Agora, to launch a VR event technology platform.

“VRJAM:X powered by Agora”, has been designed to provide solutions to business event producers to create real time XR simulations of business conferences, training sessions and other business events that aim to reach large global audiences

The platform is an adaptation of VRJAM’s existing core 3D graphics technology, combined with the Agora’s real-time audio and video streaming capabilities. It provides an immersive solution that merges live interactive video, real time 3D graphics, 3D motion capture and live audio, with the content delivered in real time to mobile devices.

“Agora and VRJAM are on similar missions to change the way the world communicates and I believe this is the first step into a fruitful and long-lasting relationship,” said VRJAM CEO and founder, Sam Speaight. “With VRJAM:X powered by Agora, businesses and potential attendees can now connect, learn and interact in unimagined ways.”