Vuzix adds facial recognition tech to its smart glasses

Vuzix NNTC facial recognitionVuzix, which develops smart glasses and augmented reality technology for enterprises, has announced the creation of a ‘fully autonomous’ face recognition system aimed at helping police officers to identify people of interest.

iFalcon Face Control Mobile, developed alongside Dubai-based solution provider NNTC, integrates with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. It makes use of a built-in camera to detect faces and then transmits the information to a wearable portable computer. This computer than processes the face images and compares them with faces on a locally stored database. If there’s a match, an alert is sent to the wearer of the glasses.

According to the companies, the technology is capable of detecting up to 15 faces per videoframe in under a second and can handle 1m unique faces in its database.

Around 50 Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses have been delivered to NNTC and are being deployed into security operations in Dubai.

“We are very happy with the way Vuzix Blade complements our wearable face recognition solution,” said Dmitry Doshaniy, general manager at NNTC. “First of all, our customers love the product design and features. As a software developer, we appreciate the flexibility, technical and pre-sale support that Vuzix offers. They also have solid vision for the product future that gives a peace of mind to us and the customers as well.”