WAC Now Comes in 57 Varieties

The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), has recruited nine new members to the organisation, bringing the total membership to 57. New Associate members include Aepona, Camber Tech Inc (BVI), GClue, Gemalto, Infraware, KT Innotz, Sharp and Sony Ericsson as Associate members, while the Russian operator VimpelCom has joined as an Operator member. Additionally, the GSMA’s OneAPI has also been confirmed as the standard to be used by WAC operators for the exposure of network APIs.

OneAPI is a commonly-supported set of lightweight and web-friendly APIs to allow mobile and other network operators to expose useful network information and capabilities to web application developers. It is designed to reduce the effort and time needed to create apps and content that are portable across mobile operators, and is critical in enabling WAC developers to quickly and effectively develop web-based applications that span platforms, devices and operators.

“The GSMA OneAPI makes it easier for web-centric developers to use the information and capabilities provided by mobile operators to create network-enriched applications and services – and exactly meets the WAC requirements for simplicity and effectiveness,” says WAC CEO, Peters Suh.

Launched in February 2010, the Wholesale Applications Community is an open global alliance formed from leading organisations within the telecoms sector that aims to create an open industry platform that benefits the entire ecosystem, including app developers, handset manufacturers, OS owners, network operators and end users.