Wadja Claims Top Spot

Wadja.com, the mobile web, media and messaging service has laid claim to the number one spot in dedicated mobile social networking. Figures from Alexa.com reveal that Wadja was the most visited dedicated European mobile social network during July, August and September 2008.
In addition, Wadja reports that its British membership numbers have risen by 600% over the past three months, having launched officially in the UK this June. Newly-launched Wadja services include Media Box, a personal online filing cabinet for multimedia files,and SMS Plus, a bulk-SMS tool to keep in touch with large groups via text.
Wadja Managing Director Alex Christoforou describes 2008 as a watershed year for social media, and notes:
While social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have taken prevalence in the UK, the mobile space is still wide open. Wadja has always been built for mobile, and we are one step ahead in terms of providing a user-friendly and accessible platform for all mobile users. I think 2009 will see the UK embrace smaller independent social networks across all platforms and in the potentially lucrative mobile sphere, Im confident Wadja can maintain its position.