Wadja Launches MessageAds Platform

Wadja.com has announced the launch of MessageAds, a new service that links advertising with the content and themes of text or email messages sent by its members.
The new system works by identifying keywords within messages and then attaching ads relevant to that content in the messages sent. MessageAds functions like a standard web contextual advertisement platform for SMS messages. Brands can identify keywords and then match these to the senders user profile characteristics. Where content and profile are both relevant to the brand, the brands advertising will then appear at the bottom of the text or email messages sent through Wadja. As the MessageAd is embedded within a message between friends, says Wadja, this heightens the likelihood that it will be acted upon.
In a typical usage scenario, one user would send a text message to another confirming a breakfast meeting the next day. The keywords of the message and details of the two users profiles match the ad profile of a global coffee company. As a result, a MessageAd of up to 40 words is embedded at the bottom of the text message, inviting them to enjoy a free muffin when they shop at a branch of the coffee company.
MessageAds gives brands the ability to target their audience more accurately and deliver advertising (that is) more relevant to their customers, says Wadja Managing Director, Alex Christoforou. We are confident that this is a revenue stream for us that will also be a positive enhancement for our members. From their perspective, these adverts are relevant and are unobtrusive, so they provide a service, rather than a distraction.
Wadja is offering companies the chance to trial the MessageAds service for free. To find out more, send an email to: sales@wadja.com