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Wadja Launches SMS API

David Murphy

Wadja, the mobile web, media and messaging service, has made its text messaging services available to other social websites and social networks through a new application programming interface (API). The API enables any programmer to access Wadjas SMS capabilities and offer them to their audience. The services include free SMS messaging and SMS Plus bulk messaging. The free SMS service enables any member of Wadja to send free individual SMS messages to their friends. Using the API, other websites can offer this service. SMS Plus bulk messaging provides cut-price SMS messages sent simultaneously to large groups.
By offering this service through its API, Wadja says it has expanded its potential as a marketing tool. It adds that the API is the first of a number of service innovations it will launch this year, including a MessageAds service.
APIs are much more than an opportunity to expand the horizons of mobile social networks like Wadja they are a key to future revenue growth and business services, says Wadja Managing Director, Alex Christoforou. A lot of social networks are scared of one another and put up barriers of external communication; Wadja is different. Wadja exists as a bridge between your web spaces for instance, you can send a MySpace message, an email and a text message all through Wadja. The API is an extension of this philosophy.