Wadja Powers Twe2 Twitter Alerts

Wadja.com, the mobile web, media and messaging service, has announced that it will power free Twitter SMS alerts from Twe2, the international Twitter SMS service. Last year, free text message updates from Twitter were stopped in the UK but this new partnership between Wadja and Twe2 sees the service reinstated.
Wadja.com has made its new application programming interface (API), which includes its text messaging (SMS) services, available to Twe2 to allow users to interact with other Twitter users for free through this medium. UK traffic to Twitter rose by almost 1,000% in the last year and is now in the top 100 websites in the UK.
The new service offers free Direct Message and @Reply alerts by SMS to Twitter users both in the UK and worldwide. It will also include Wadjas MessageAds contextual ad platform for SMS messages, which launched in December last year.
This partnership marks a shift in the way many social media platforms do business, says Wadjacom Managing Director, Alex Christoforou. We believe in open and transparent content sharing as part of creating a financially-viable social network. Making our API available to Twe2 is an opportunity to expand the profit potential of both Wadja and Twe2, while offering a free service to Twitter users. Many other social networks fall short of leveraging such opportunities because of their content sharing restrictions.
The API service from Wadja enables other platforms, like Twe2, to access its SMS capabilities and offer them to their audience. Services available  include free SMS messaging, which enables any member of Wadja to send free individual text messages to their friends. Using the new API, other websites can offer this service. It also includes SMS Plus bulk messaging, which offers cut-price text messages sent simultaneously to large groups. By offering this service through its API, Wadja says it has expanded its potential as a marketing tool.