Wadja Relaunches Mobile Site

Wadja.com, the mobile web, media and messaging service, has re-launched its mobile social networking site with a new design and refreshed structure. Packed with new features that merge mobile and the web, Wadja says it has sought to create a more real social network for users; one that is designed to move with them and bring both online and offline benefits.
Fuelled by the launch of 3G Smartphones like the iPhone and BlackBerry Bold, Wadjas redesign comes at a time when UK mobile web use is taking off. UK mobile web users have the greatest tendency to visit a social network through their handset with 23% (2 million) doing so on a regular basis#i].
The redesign helps to bring people together both online and offline across all communications channels, whilst adapting to your personal needs and changing environment, says Wadja Founder and Managing Director, Alex Christoforou. Both the mobile and web user interfaces have been overhauled and improved: weve added AJAX to page loads, (and) removed a lot of the clutter from our CSS and style sheets, as well as making the site more scalable to prepare it for future advancements.
New features include Google Locations, an innovative mash-up of Google IP Locations and Loki Location API, which allows users to opt-in to keep their friends updated on their current location. Wadja says this feature is set to explode into a richer mobile location system and ultimately to be incorporated into Wadjas mobile contextual advertising service, MessageAds.
Also new is Mobile Synchronisation. Using a syncML protocol application, users can keep all their contacts in one place by merging mobile and online contact lists. This feature also offers two-way synchronisation, so new contacts are added, whether the update occurs on the handset or online. Users can also transfer contacts from one mobile to another.
Wadja is compatible with a broad range of handsets from Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola, as well as the iPhone.