Wadja Unveils Cross-platform Labelling System

Wadja.com, the mobile web, media and messaging service, has launched a labelling system that it says is the first to allow users to tag online content across all social networks and platforms. Using the system, people can apply labels to any online content, such as contacts, images, emails and even Twitter conversations. 
The service is powered by Twitters API and works by assigning a specific Wadja label to content, allowing users to create a live archive of everything related to that label. In addition, Wadja users can now import Twitter streams into their Wadja profile and reply or re-tweet via Wadja.
Weve introduced another way for our users to interact with each other, says Wadja Managing Director, Alex Christoforou. Labelling is already a popular method of organising online content, but it does not allow interaction or sharing across different social networks. We believe the web should be about collaboration, yet a lot of social networks put up barriers to external communication. Wadja is different and our new service brings people closer together.
Wadjas platform gives users the capacity to receive and label messages from networks such as MySpace, LinkedIn and Gmail, whilst multimedia files from Flickr, YouTube and Picasa accounts can be managed via Wadjas profile interface.
To explain how the system works, Wadja uses the example of a typical user, lets call him Scott, who receives a message from John and Sarah in his inbox about the Glastonbury Festival. Scott labels this email Glastonbury 2009 and likewise, labels his contacts John and Sarah Glastonbury 2009 as well.
After the concert, Scott uploads his videos and photos from the event as Glastonbury 2009 as well. So far, the label content for Glastonbury 2009 contains an inbox message, two contacts and numerous media files.
Scott can also add more than one label to content or data source. For example, Sarah may have the label Glastonbury 2009 as well as co-worker, creating a new relationship and connection between two totally unrelated Meta sources.
Other friends searching through Scotts profile and browsing Wadja will see the relationship between communications, people and media through the lens of the labelling system. Activity feeds will surround the label and Twitters API will support each label conversation to add a real time feeling to Scotts archive and social filing process.