Wagamama teams with Mastercard to let diners leave without having to wait for the bill

Wagamama WagamamaGo walk out paymentPan-Asian restaurant chain Wagamama has launched an app that enables diners at its eateries to simply get up and leave at the end of their meal, without having to ask for the bill.

WagamamaGo, created in partnership with Mastercard, connects to a Masterpass digital wallet, enabling payment to be taken without tapping any buttons and by just leaving the restaurant. The app also gives users the opportunity to order more items via their phone, split the bill with others, and order takeaway.

“We wanted to bring truly frictionless payment to restaurants as we know waiting for the bill is frustrating, why shouldn’t you be able to get up and go when you are ready: well, now you can,” said Richard tallboy, CIO at Wagamama. “No more waving your hand in the air, trying to catch the waiter’s eye, once you’re ready you just go, and customers are automatically charged with the receipt emailed directly. Getting the bill is the last thing a customer experiences and it was important that this be quick and stress free for our customers. We’ve been able to implement this while retaining the best elements of their interaction of the waiter.”  

The app is free to download on both Android and iOS, and can be used across all of Wagamama’s restaurants in the UK.

This isn’t the first time that the restaurant chain has linked up with Mastercard on a payment solution. Back in 2015, Wagamama became the first restaurant or retailer to offer Mastercard’s Qkr payment option.

Last month, Barclays’ Barclaycard began trialling a ‘Dine & Dash’ service with Italian restaurant chain Prezzo. Unlike Wagamama’s solution, this requires diners to tap their phones on a totem placed on their table to check-in.