Walgreens Pilots Googles AR Technology Project Tango

aisle411US drugstore Walgreens is to pilot Googles virtual indoor mapping technology Project Tango, utilising it to deliver personalised and discoverable rewards to shoppers who use its augmented reality functionality.

Customers will be able to search and navigate to product locations while receiving product details and promotions that appear to pop out of shelves along their in-store route. This gamified functionality has been developed by Walgreens, the Project Tango team and in-store mobile marketing platform Aisle411.

Google is planning to pilot the Project Tango technology in multiple locations with other major retailers over the coming month, using unique 3D AR indoor maps and other engaging in-store experiences. The combined solutions developed by Project Tango and Aisle411 enable customers to find specific products while being guided and informed by AR technology, and enable stores to provide a new level of engagement.

According to a study by Forrester, nearly 58 per cent of consumers want to receive product information via their smartphones while in-store, and 19 per cent are already using their mobile devices to browse while in-store. Using the Project Tango technology, brands will be able to provide consumers with this information in a rich AR environment while reducing loss through showrooming.

“We are thrilled to be working with Googles Project Tango team to continue deploying mobile technologies that enhance the in-store shopping experience for shoppers,” said Aisle41 CEO Nathan Pettyjohn. “Todays shoppers are engaged with their mobile devices while in store. They are smart and digitally savvy and in this highly competitive retail ecosystem, its critical for retailers that their shoppers have the right tools to keep them engaged in the shopping experience. This new application is a fun way to shop and is sure to engage anyone using it.”