Walkers Crisps Partners with Shopitize for Text-to-Win Redemption

Mobile ClaimPepsiCo has launched a text-to-win promotion for Walkers Crisps which gives customers a chance to win a free lunch.

Each pack of crisps will feature a unique code, which can either be texted to a shortcode or entered on a mobile microsite to see if the customer has won. Its a tried-and-tested formula thats almost as old as texting itself, but PepsiCo has partnered with Shopitize to make the redemption process easier.

Winners can buy their lunch from a participating retailer, including Subway, Greggs and a host of UK supermarkets, and scan the receipt into the Shopitize app in order to have the money reimbursed to either their PayPal or bank account.

“We’re working with PepsiCo to understand their consumers,” said Chris Newbery, sales director at Shopitize. “This promotion will track shoppers through each stage of the path to purchase to give them the knowledge to provide relevant offers, on a relevant device, at a relevant time to each individual.”