Wapfly takes Vogue Off-portal

In a bold move, Conde Nast has moved three key mobile Internet sites off portal. GQ, Glamour and Vogue have been launched off-portal to give the publisher more control over advertising revenue and content. Readers are can text GQ or Glamour to 80808 to receive a free text link to the sites. Vogue will be launched as the jewel in the crown in May. The off-portal sites have been created by Manchester- and Sydney-based mobile agency, Wapfly. 
A spokeswoman for Cond Nast said the services, set up by specialist provider Wapfly, would allow the publisher to maximise commercial opportunities. Nick Blyth, Commercial Manager at Wapfly says:
As advertising revenue in the mobile channel develops, off-portal sites are becoming increasingly more attractive to publishers and can help break the mould of the walled garden provided through the networks.
Behind the sites lies a bespoke publishing platform called Origin, created by Wapflys technical team. The company is working with a number of publishers, including Dennis, Emap and Trinity Mirror.