Wapple for All

David Murphy

With a minimum of 50,000 different mobile device and software combinations already being used to access the mobile Internet and some 100 new handsets, firmware and software updates every month, Wapple claims it offers the only solution that ensures mobile websites are rendered accurately on every device, as soon as they become available.
The company says that the combination of the Wapple Canvas publishing platform and the latest Wapple Exhibit device profiler and delivery engine ensures that users always get the very best mobile experience, while website owners can be confident that their designs and brands are never compromised. According to Wapple, no other technology enables the development of such highly functional mobile sites that provide an optimum look and feel, regardless of the mobile device used. Additionally, says Wapple, its dynamic and intelligent optimisation ensures automatic and accurate rendering of a site at the moment a new device or update is launched onto the market.
When a mobile site is built using Wapple, each page is built up individually with Chunks of features and functionality - from a graphic to a navigational menu or gallery of downloadable content. When a mobile device visits a site, the Wapple Device Profiler optimises each Chunk automatically, based on knowledge of that device's capability and conditions. Wapple Exhibit grows organically, recognising and learning about new devices and updates as soon as they appear.
Wapple Exhibit ensures that the correct mark-up language is delivered, and that logos and other images are not distorted or presented in the wrong colour. It also ensures that navigation is presented in the most appropriate way and that only content the device is able to handle is displayed. It can also stop the zoom feature in the iPhone so that it displays mobile content the way it was intended, with no need for testing or hand-coding.
While the introduction of Google Chrome is throwing PC web designers into a spin as they have to re-test and re-code sites for a handful of different browsers, screen sizes and platforms, mobile presents thousands of different variations, says Wapple CTO Rich Holdsworth. Other companies claim to deliver optimisation to mobile devices, but most simply dumb down sites or create limited versions to support similar groups of handsets. Wapple technology dynamically identifies the properties of each device and then renders the site being accessed 'on the fly' according to its precise requirements.