Wapple Creates Mobile Site for 1Goal Campaign

Wapple has created a mobile site for the 1Goal education charity campaign to promote the importance of education for all in the fight against world poverty.

Supported by some of the world’s biggest names in football such as Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand, Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry, along with a host of celebrities and world leaders, 1Goal is using the power of football to bring together sport, charities, business, governments and fans in the hope that education for all can be a lasting legacy of the 2010 World Cup.
Visitors accessing the 1Goal website from a mobile phone will be automatically redirected to the mobile site, where they can sign up to the 1Goal cause and find out more about the campaign. With the help of GSMA and some 30 mobile companies covering over 150 operators, 1Goal will reach nearly 1.5bn phone users during the World Cup, making it one of the biggest ever global mobile marketing campaigns.

“We are delighted to have Wapple on board to develop and power our mobile site,” says David Ryder, head of mobile at 1Goal. “Not only have they provided their valuable skills and experience free of charge, but because the site has been developed and delivered using Wapple technology, it works and looks good on any mobile phone. Our campaign has a truly global reach, so it is essential that everyone from the most sophisticated smartphone user to first generation mobile phone user can access the site, learn more about 1Goal and sign up as a supporter.”

With an estimated 50,000 different device and software combinations on the market around the world, Wapple’s unique technology identifies new device properties the moment they are used and automatically presents content in the right way. Logos, photos and other images are never distorted or in the wrong colour, while navigation is presented in the most appropriate way and only functionality the device is able to support is displayed and adapted to the screen.