Warner Bros pushes Dunkirk movie with VR experience

Warner Bros has partnered with Intel to promote Dunkirk, its upcoming war film, with a VR experience.

Directed by Inception’s Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk tells the story of the World War II evacuation operation, something that the ‘Dunkirk: Save Every Breath’ experience aims to replicate in 360° – albeit on a much smaller scale.

The experience, created by VR production firm Practical Magic, is composed of three vignettes, with minimal motion or action. The viewer is placed in the cockpit of a fighter plane, beneath the waves of the Channel, and finally with the soldiers on the beach.

“In just a few taut moments, the Dunkirk VR Experience provides a thrilling glimpse of the three main settings in our film in a uniquely subjective way,” said Nolan.

Intel’s role was providing hardware and software for production, in order to support the high-definition footage, which it says is ‘nearly 40 times the resolution’ of standard HD and 4K media.

‘Save Every Breath’ can be viewed on the HTC Vive, or through YouTube’s 360° video offering.

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