Washington DC is the US Mobile Gaming Capital, says Jumptap

68 percent of traffic on gaming apps comes in afternoon and evening hours, according Jumptaps December MobileSTAT report. That breaks down into 31 per cent in the afternoon, and 37 per cent in the evening – compared to 22 per cent in the morning, and just 10 per cent in the early hours.

The top performing vertical by click-through rate on game apps is, perhaps surprisingly, the pharmaceutical sector, followed by retail and games.

Washington DC has the highest concentration of mobile gamers in US, with a weekly average of 29 mobile gaming requests per resident, nearly five times the number of any other US location examined.

“Mobile gamers are not just teenagers, but busy professionals, moms and dads, and grandparents,” said Matt Duffy, VP of marketing, Jumptap. “As gaming traffic grows on our network, advertisers gain scalable ways to reach specific audience segments of any age or demographic.”