WaterAid launches its first-ever Alexa skill

Amazon Echo bedsideWaterAid, an international non-profit organisation focused on clean water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives, has introduced its first-ever Alexa voice skill with the help of digital product and innovation consultancy Hi Mum! Said Dad.

The WaterAid Voices skill features a series of six interactive voice messages from the Tsarafangitra village in Madagascar. These messages, designed with a sense of humour but with education in mind, cover topics including water, hygiene, food, music, and wildlife. People listening will be able to pick up some local phrases, learn about Malagasy cuisine, and be taught how to spot a zebu.

“At WaterAid, we know that digital experiences that can engage and build empathy will help achieve our vision – a world where clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene are a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere,” said Daniel Gray, digital content and experience lead at WaterAid. “WaterAid Voices is an innovation that not only brings supporters closer to the incredible impact that aid has, but provides real value for users, allowing them to develop skills and knowledge in an accessible (and, you know, actually fun) way.

“The interactivity and immersion that voice technology allows for opened up new creative avenues, and to tell a story in a whole new way.”