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Wattpad Launches iPhone App

David Murphy

Mobile ebook sharing community Wattpad is expanding to the iPhone through a partnership with mobile apps company Five Mobile. Wattpads ebook reading application, with an extensive library of user-generated and public domain ebooks, is now downloadable directly to the iPhone for free.
Wattpad users have instant access to hundreds of thousands of novels, short stories, fan fiction, essays, jokes and more. Wattpad has delivered hundreds of million of pages from its 120,000 strong ebook library to mobile devices.
The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch have revolutionized the ebook
landscape, says Wattpad Co-founder Allen Lau. We combine the large
touchscreens of the iPhone, our proven reading technology and huge
collection of user-generated ebooks to provide the best possible user
experience on mobile devices for free. Best of all, you don't need a
dedicated ebook subscription service or device, like Amazon Kindle or
Sony eReader, as your mobile phone is always with you.
Wattpad for the iPhone or iPod Touch is available now from the Apple App Store as a free download. Other versions of Wattpad are available at Wattpad's website, mobile website ( and via other channel partners.