Wattpad Moves Up

Wattpad, the global mobile story-sharing community, has announced
the immediate availability of the new release of its service. With this new
release, Wattpad officially concludes its beta phase. In addition to taking
Wattpad out of beta, Wattpad is also introducing some new features. Offline reading
means that users can download an entire story to their mobile phone and read
without any data connection. Wattpad also now supports Blackberry. Finally, Wattpad
has added support for Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Indonesian,
Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and Korean, in addition to the existing languages: In
addition to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and

In January 2007, we introduced the service for mobile users
worldwide to discover, read, and share stories on their mobile phones” says
Wattpad Founder, Ivan Yuen. Since Wattpads beta launch, we have attracted
over 100,000 users, who have contributed tens of thousands of stories. We would
like to thank all those who gave us valuable feedback during this beta period.
With our new release, Wattpads story sharing community is ready for the next
phase of growth.”

Wattpad currently has over 25,000 stories in various genres,
including Science Fiction, History and All-time Classics. Titles available
include Moby Dick, A Christmas Carol, The War of the Worlds, and The Holy Bible
– The New Testament (King James Version). 

To download Wattpads mobile application, go to
get.wattpad.com on your mobile phones browser and follow the link to download.
Wattpad works with most mobile phones from major manufacturers such as Nokia,
Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sanyo, Panasonic and BlackBerry.