Wattpad Report Sheds Light on eBook Usage

ebook community Wattpad has released its June 2009 Global Ebook Metrics Report.  The report covers both country and handset/manufacturer data, based on ebook usage among subscribers of over 450 mobile operators in 160 countries.
The report reveals that Wattpad is the worlds most downloaded mobile ebook application, with 3.1 million downloads, which the company says is at least 60% more than other mobile ebook applications, such as Amazons Stanza and Kindle. Java devices are still the most used mobile platform for reading ebooks. 63% of e-book usage comes from Java devices, while 33% comes from the iPhone.
Nokia dominates the top device list four of the top six handsets are Nokia Series 40 devices. But the iPhone claims top spot. The iPhone also dominates US ebook usage, with 78% of iPhone usage coming from North America. Nokia dominates the rest of the world. Blackberry usage has grown over 400% since the launch of the Blackberry App World in April.
The reports also found that usage typically rise by 10% at weekends by 10%, and that daily usage peaks in the evening at bed time (local times). Blackberry users read the least per day, with an average of 1.6 sessions, while iPhone users have 2.3 sessions and Java phone users 2.6 sessions per day.
You can read the full report here, and you can subscribe to future reports by sending an email to: contact@wattpad.com