Wayinder Curries Favour with MapmyIndia

David Murphy

Mobile mapping company Wayfinder has signed an exclusive agreement with MapmyIndia to access its high quality digital map data covering India. The agreement enables Wayfinder to deliver mobile navigation and location based services in India.
Wayfinder says its full range of products will be made available in the region, starting with detailed city coverage of 20 major metropolitan areas initially. By year-end, it will include coverage of the 150-plus major cities that MapmyIndia has mapped. Wayfinder says it is also about to close a deal with one of the largest mobile operators in India and has already reached an agreement with one of the countrys largest mobile phone distributors.
MapmyIndia has a loyal enterprise user base in India, where every month, an additional 6 million mobile subscribers are signed up. Wayfinder will be the only provider in the server-based navigation field with extensive services and map coverage. At present there are approximately 160 million mobile subscribers in India, and the interest for mobile mapping and navigation services is great.
The co-operation with MapmyIndia has started at the fastest possible pace and the fact that we have an exclusive agreement is very important and gives us a great lead over any competitor in the field, says Wayfinder CEO Magnus Nilsson.
MapmyIndia Managing Director Rakesh Verma adds:
After the launch of in 2004, we realised that the demand for navigation solutions in India is substantial. In the process of identifying the best applications for server-based mobile navigation, we found that Wayfinder has what is required for success in India."