Waze introduces new ad solutions for small businesses

Tyrone Stewart

Navigation app Waze has made updates to its advertising solution for small businesses in an attempt to cater to the challenges that businesses are now facing and make it easier for them to create and manage ad campaigns.

The updates to Waze Ads Starter see ‘Arrow’ and ‘Takeover’ ad formats joining existing ‘Pin’ and ‘Search’ formats, with the option to preview all ads on mobile; the addition of targeting criteria based on specific zip/postal code, city, geographical region, or coordinates; the introduction of goal-specific calls-to-action; the ability to re-engage customers with push notifications; and the option to run seasonal campaigns or limited-time promotions.

The Google-owned app is also going to start helping small businesses manage their advertising budgets by showing estimated campaign reach and providing a recommended budget.

“We know small business owners have unique goals and challenges, especially now. Nearly half of them have told us that COVID has majorly disrupted their business, so we’re thrilled to roll out new solutions for them,” said Matt Phillips, Global Head of Waze SMB. “Waze Ads Starter is an easy-to-use, inexpensive solution that helps save time and money, when small businesses need to make the most of both.”