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We Check Our Mobiles Every Six and a Half Minutes

Alex Spencer

As with any conference, being in the audience at the IAB Mobile Engage meant being bombarded by facts and figures. In all honesty, it can be a bit overwhelming. But that's exactly what Mobile Marketing – with a little help from the Engage audience on Twitter – is here to help with.

So, here are some of the biggest and best, starting with the day's most tweeted stat, courtesy of Twitter's Bruce Daisley: On average, people look at their mobiles 150 times day - once every six and a half minutes.

Daisley also told us that the average time it takes for an SMS is four minutes. That's 720 times faster than email, which takes two days – meaning it's effectively slower than the post.

During his presentation on the app ecosystem, Flurry Europe MD Richard Firminger revealed that apps lose 76 per cent their of audience within 3 months – and only 4 per cent still use an app a year after downloading it.

Alongside some interesting case studies, Jay Altschuler hits us with the results of Unilever's first year using iAds. Across 13 ads – for 11 brands including Dove, Knorr, and Lynx – there was a total four and a half years of user engagement time. The average individual engagement was 68 seconds for a US user, and 77 seconds for a European.

And on the topic of case studies, O2 Media MD Claire Valoti shared the results of  a Priority Moments campaign with Pizza Hut  using geofenced SMS vouchers. Of all the media Pizza Hut used, mobile was the best performing, proving 142 per cent more efficient than the campaign average at delivering incremental sales revenues. It outstripped TV by a factor of 4.4, and digital by 2.6.