We Want 4G And We Want It Now

Three quarters of the British population want to bring 4G to Britain as soon as possible, according to research carried out by YouGov and released today by UK mobile operator, Everything Everywhere.

YouGov surveyed 2033 adults between 5 – 10 April, and found that 82 per cent of British adults who expressed an opinion believe adopting new technology such as 4G networks is vital for Britain to remain competitive and protect jobs. 74 per cent said they want to bring 4G to the country as soon as possible.

Of this group, 66 per cent said it was because they think it is important for the UK to catch up with other countries and stay competitive. 58 per cent because they would like to access faster internet connections. And 45 per cent because it is important for the economy and job creation.

“Consumers are calling for the fast and reliable broadband that 4G LTE can provide, and they want it now,” says Everything Everywhere CEO, Olaf Swantee. “With nearly three dozen countries, including many parts of Europe, Asia and America having already rolled out 4G, it is imperative that the UK moves forward with building a 21st century digital infrastructure as soon as possible.”