Webcredible Reveals Factors in Customers App Choices

According to an online poll, conducted by user experience consultancy Webcredible, the most important factor in helping consumers choose an app is a good description of what the app does and how it works. 70 per cent of respondents rated this as being needed almost always or every time, more important than other factors including price and recommendations.

51 per cent rated price as an influential factor, with 26 per cent citing that they only ever download apps if they are free, and 25 per cent stating that an app needs to be cheap and under £1.50 every time when purchasing. 

Trenton Moss, director at Webcredible, says: “The apps market is becoming highly saturated and brands are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to make their app stand out. While thinking creatively is important, companies need to think of the basics. Best practise when it comes to user experience, such as providing clear and comprehensive descriptions has proven essential when it comes to downloading apps and is something that needs to be implemented across all channels of interactions with consumers. It seems that recommendations from friends and offering free apps aren’t as influential as you might be inclined to think.”

86 per cent of respondents said that click-through links from a company website either never or only sometimes influences their decision. For 82 per cent of respondents, the same is true for recommendations from friends.