Webinar Examines Mobile Music Strategies

iHollywood Forum is staging a free webinar on mobile music strategies on Thursday 22 Feabruary at 10am PST, 1pm EST (6pm GMT)Speakers include Jeff Spirer from Bango, Adm Sexton, Chief Marketing Officer at mobile music provider Groove Mobile, and Susan Kevorkian Program Manager, Consumer Markets, Audio at analyst IDCMobile music now accounts for approximately 40% of record company digital revenues, according to the IFPO. This is a significant market with digital music spending in the US forecast to reach $2.5 billion (1.3 billion) in 2011. The fastest growing sector of the mobile music market is off-deck, where content owners are in control and experience higher margins and more repeat sales. The webinar will explore why going direct-to-consumer is so compelling. It will also look at how the mobile music market will evolve, and how companies can capitalise on this new opportunity. Questions it will address include: Will the launch of the iPhone change things?  Which of the two models OTA and sideloading will win out?  Why are more and more brands moving to the mobile web?  What are people downloading? What are the benefits of selling content direct-to-consumer.
For more information, contact IHollywood Forum on (001) 310 5667745, or register for the webinar here. The webinar is scheduled to last 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.