Webinar Looks at Mobile Data Pricing

Openwave is staging a free webinar this afternoon at 16:00 GMT, entitled: The Mobile Data Usage Model: Will consumers pay for better service?
Openwave notes that the tiered pricing model has worked well in the wired Internet world, where users are willing to pay a higher price for a faster web experience. The webinar will examine whether wireless carriers can emulate this model, and whether mobile subscribers will pay more for big bandwidth applications like downloading video.
It will focus on adapting the PC pricing model to mobile; revenue opportunities in offering tiered pricing models; and providing targeted end users with the right set of services. Speakers include Leroy Williams, Executive Director for Content at Verizon Wireless; Phil Marshall, Senior Research Fellow, Technology Research, at Yankee Group; and John Giere, Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing at Openwave Systems. The webinar will be hosted by Sue Marek, Editor-in-Chief of FierceWireless.
You can register to attend the webinar here.