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WebMD App Expands with Apple Watch Medication Reminders

Tim Maytom

WebMD Medication Reminder GlanceIf you're one of the few people lucky to have reserved your Apple Watch before they sold out, you'll be happy to know that WebMD has expanded its mobile app with new functionalities to work with the wearable, including a medication reminder feature.

Medication adherence is a considerable roadblock to patient health in the medical industry, causing an estimated $290bn (£197bn) in annual waste in the US healthcare system, and harming patients' short and long-term health.

The new functionality for the app will enable consumers to view daily medication schedules and instructions, with visual reminders as well as information on dosages and timing, and set medication reminders to ensure they stick to their schedule.

The 'glance' function of the Apple Watch will provide users with the time of their next scheduled dose, or if it's within two hours, a countdown enabling them to time their medications with a quick look at their wrist.

"The Apple Watch is an immensely personal device that provides WebMD with an unprecedented opportunity to influence patient compliance," said Benjamin Greenberg, vice president of product management & user experience at WebMD.

"Additionally, the Watch's Long-Look notifications enable WebMD to display medication and dosage information more directly and discreetly than on any other platform, keeping the user's experience simple while helping to protect the privacy of their sensitive health information."