Webtrends Upgrades Analytics Platform

Webtrends has announced the Autumn 2010 release of its analytics platform, designed to address marketers need for immediate measurement, insight and improvement of multichannel marketing campaigns.

The release adds new capabilities to Webtrends Analytics On Demand. These include enhancements to Webtrends Mobile Analytics, with ready-to-use, pre-defined mobile application reports for all major mobile platforms. There are also enhancements to Analytics Insight, to increase power and performance. And new capabilities, including additional report measures, such as single page view visits, entry page visits and bounce rates that measure the relevance of content.

Webtrends has also revealed that the recruitment website, Monster.com, is using Webtrends Mobile Analytics On Demand to measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for its recently-launched iPhone app. The app, available in 16 countries, enables users to search in multiple languages, view jobs and apply for them. Monster.com is using Webtrends to test the performance of the app, develop conversion funnels, and prioritise further application development.

“The ability to successfully measure and analyse a mobile experience is critical. For our mobile application, Monster wanted no less measurement and reporting data than we have for our website, and more,” says Judah Phillips, senior director, global site analytics, at Monster Worldwide. “With Webtrends Analytics On Demand, the information we gathered, the reporting we created, and the insights we realised about our mobile experience exceeded expectations. This initial success formed the basis for understanding and optimising how customers of Monster.com behave and convert on our mobile applications.”