weComm and Bango in Mobile Apps Partnership

weComm and Bango have announced a partnership to collaborate on “state of the art” mobile analytics and payment solutions for mobile applications.

weComm’s multi-platform mobile application solutions will be integrated  with Bango’s mobile analytics and payment products, offering customers the ability to independently measure mobile applications and collect payment across all platforms.

weComm’s Wave software platform develops and delivers applications that run on all types of handset, including, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, as well as Java and Symbian phones. It enables highly dynamic content that is always up to date, with the ability to easily change not only the content, but also the structural elements that make up the application, without compromising a mobile platform’s native look and feel.

By integrating Bango technology alongside the Wave platform, developers using weComm will be able to accurately and independently measure their mobile applications and bill customers worldwide across multiple platforms.

“By integrating with Bangos enterprise-class analytics and payment engines, weComm reinforces its position as a leading provider of mobile applications infrastructure to the worlds pre-eminent media organisations, ” says weComm CEO, Graham Summers. “The fragmented areas of analytics and payments often create significant challenges for customers looking for a robust and sophisticated approach to monetisation, with a myriad of companies small and large offering partial or inflexible solutions not designed for mobile. Bango has extensive geographical reach through relationships with mobile carriers across the globe and have proven their scalability with some of the worlds premier brands. Through this close working relationship, we are now able to provide a truly pre-integrated solution for enterprises focussed on maximising mobile application reach and revenue.”

“By partnering with weComm we’ll be giving our customers a complete solution that combines the best of the breed in multi-platform application development and in-app analytics and billing,” adds Bango CEO, Ray Anderson.”