Weekly Highlights: Facebook, Twitter, FT

Im sure youve heard enough about it over the last couple of weeks, but Ill open with a quick mention for our coverage of yesterdays Mobile Marketing Live event, which picked out some of the very best talks from the day. Particularly recommended are Facebook, The Financial Times and Yahoo.

Or if youd prefer a more broad overview of the days stats, quotes and announcements, why not check out our Storified highlights from the Twitter hashtag? 

Many of the companies speaking at the event could also be found in our headlines this week. As hinted by Facebooks Claire Valoti in her presentation yesterday, Instagram today confirmed it will be launching ads – though details are still a little scant. Meanwhile, its parent company has continued the evolution of its ad offering, as it continues to move fast and break things, as the (in)famous Facebook mantra goes.

The FT revamped its iOS web app, further supporting its decision last year to drop its native app, and News UK – who yesterday discussed the value of content to its multiplatform strategy – announced that it would be pulling its Times app from the BlackBerry World app store due to a lack of interest.

Finally, if youre a statistically-minded person like myself, then possibly the biggest news of the week is Twitter (also represented at Mobile Marketing Live yesterday) making its IPO filing public. If you wanted to know how much the social network earns, how many users it has, and what proportion of each is mobile, youre in luck.

Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend, and well be back Monday with the hottest news from the industry as it happens.

Alex Spencer

Online Editor