Weekly Highlights: Financial Results, Acquisitions and Looking Forward

Were officially in the midst of financial results season, with Google, Nokia and Yahoo among those putting out their reports for Q2 this week.

Kirsty Styles took a particularly close look at Yahoos results, which marked the end of the first year of Marissa Mayers time as CEO. Its been a period characterised by acquistions – to the tune of $1bn during Q2 alone – but Yahoo still managed to post $331m (£217m) in profit, up 46 per cent year-on-year.

 The company shows no signs of stopping – in the time since that post went up, its announced another buy, in the form of mobile ad company Admovate.

Elsewhere this week, we spoke to three companies trying to push the mobile advertising envelope a littleSolve Medias CAPTCHA ads, Boingos ad-supported wi-fi, and Nuances voice recognition techology all provide an interesting alternative to the mobile banner – you can hear all three interviews here.

Meanwhile, David Murphy shared what he learned at this weeks AOP event about what the future of newspapers looks like on mobile; I mulled over whether theres life after Angry Birds for developer Rovio; and our Mobile Gaming & Gambling Awards opened for business. For the next four weeks, well be accepting entries in nine categories, with the winners announced at the Summit this September.

Honestly, though, if youre in the UK, the big news this week has probably been the temperature. Were currently enjoying a heatwave, so what better time to weigh up the most popular weather apps? Thats exactly what Kirsty Styles did this week – and learned a lot about variable wind and air pressure in the process.

Speaking of which, its about time to head outside and make the most of the long-awaited British summer. Well be back on Monday with the latest from the mobile industry.


Alex Spencer

Online Editor