Weekly Highlights: Google, Facebook, Performance Marketing and More

Welcome back to our regular round-up of the best stories, features and interviews you might have missed over the past five days.

Kirsty Styles took a closer look at performance marketingand asked a few mobile experts whether it has any future. Its a simple question but the answer was unsurprisingly complex. Check it out here.

Facebook was the final mobile company to release its results for the quarterwith a 60 per cent increase in revenues driven by mobile. The social network has truly become a mobile-first company over the past year. However, that might have come at the expense of desktop which, our deeper dive revealed, has actually seen a drop in both users and revenues.

The weeks big device launch came from Google, with the release of the Nexus 5. Details about the handset have been leaking for months, but there were still a few surprises in Googles announcement, particularly on the software side.

There were major changes to Google Play Services, including a new advertising identifier, while Android 4.4 looks set to integrate Google services even deeper into devices. The evolution of voice-activated services and Google Now is key to the development of Google Glass.

But GfK research this week questioned whether consumers are really interested in the device. Though it had the highest public awareness, purchase intent for smart glasses was lower than any other wearable tech – and that interest dropped even further when the high pricepoint was taken into account.

Well be back Monday with all the latest news from the industry. Until then, thanks for reading.

Alex Spencer

Online Editor