Weekly Highlights: iOS 7, Mobile Advertising, Barclays and More

Welcome once again to our round up of the weeks biggest and best stories.  

If youre an Apple user, then over the last couple of days youll no doubt have seen the prompt to update to iOS 7 and, more than likely, endured the torturously long wait for it to install (and to see if your device and its apps have made the transition intact).

According to data from Tapjoy, take-up for iOS 7 has been quicker than any previous version, so it seems Apples claims of this being “the most significant update” the OS has ever seen have been taken on board.

Our first impressions? Its certainly a striking redesign, which makes the interface feel fresh and exciting again – even if, as has been pointed out online, it might look like a little familiar to Android users.

As for the new functionality – like iTunes Radio, for example, which this week revealed its ad model – itll be interesting to see how its adopted over the coming weeks.

Mobile advertising, meanwhile, seems to be undergoing a particularly rapid period of change at the moment. Just this week, Amobee released a full version of its Pulse 3D platform; Pubmatic launched Pubconnect, which enables lone premium publishers to team up and go after portal (Google, Facebook, etc) ad budgetsand Millennial partnered with AppNexus – which combined with its recent acquisition of Jumptap, it says will make it the world’s largest premium mobile advertising exchange, on both the buying and selling fronts.

Over the last week or so, weve been putting some of the best pieces from the latest issue of our quarterly magazine up on the site for anyone who hasnt had a chance to persue the print edition. It was a particularly strong issue, if we do say so ourselves, covering everything from Google Glass to mHealththe place of FMGC brands on mobile to what exactly RTB means.

But I realise its nearly the end of the working week as I write this, and that might be a lot to digest. So lets take a page from the primary school teacher playbook and finish off with a video. David Murphy spoke to Milon Veasey, head of mobile solutions specialists at Barclays, about the launch of two new features for its Pingit service.

Have a good weekend, and well be back on Monday with all the latest news from the mobile marketing industry as it happens.

Alex Spencer

Online Editor