Weekly Highlights: Locket, Ofcom, Moto X and More

A slightly belated round-up of the weeks highlights here, after some CMS gremlins meant it got lost in the sites back-end over the weekend. Consider this your Monday morning refresher instead, then, and expect normal service to be resumed on Friday.

It was a good week for stat-heads on the site. I weighed up the recent quarterly results of 10 of the biggest mobile companies – from Apple to Yahoo – to pick out the winners from the losers. Q2, 2013, saw Samsung overtake Apple for the first time, BlackBerry posting losses of $84m and much more. Check out the full story for all the details. 

Ofcom released its wide-ranging report on the media habits of UK households. 53 per cent of Brits are second-screening, web services have overtaken SMS among 16-24 year olds, Northern Ireland holds the record for tablet ownership, and loads more.

We also took a deeper dive into tablet ownership thanks to exclusive figures from GfK, which showed that the devices are still on the rise, accounting for 60 per cent of all computing devices sold in the UK.

Moving away from the numbers, Google unveiled the Moto X, or at least the few remaining details which hadnt already been leaked. The companys first in-house smartphone – the Nexus 4, of course, having been manufactured by LG – isnt exactly a powerhouse, but its always-on voice controls and customisable case should set it apart from the crowd.

Kirsty Styles spoke to Locket, a startup which is trying to turn the Android lockscreen into a space for advertisers. CEO Yunha Kim explained how its app landed 50,000 users in 10 days and attracted brands like Dominos and Sears.

Finally, the 4G race is finally on in the UK, with O2 naming 29 August as its switch-on date. Tariffs will start at £26 a month – though whether this will be as bare-bones at EEs cheapest offering remains to be seen. 

Meanwhile, 3 confirmed to Mobile Marketing that it is set to switch subscribers over to 4G services in Q4 this year, at no extra cost to its subscribers. That just leaves Vodafone, which is rumoured to be revealing details at some point this week. 

Well have all the news on that as it happens, as well as all the other goings-on in the mobile industry. Watch this space.

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