Weekly Highlights: The Mirror, Velti, Yahoo! and More

Welcome once again to our roundup of the best articles from the last week on Mobile MarketingWhile there havent been many many huge stories breaking – no doubt the inevitable effect of the summer holiday period – theres been no shortage of interesting smaller news. 

As it launched a responsively designed website, The Mirror revealed that mobile accounts for as much as 73 per cent of its traffic at weekendsVeltis Q2 results revealed a company in trouble, but seemingly determined to turn things around. And the Vietnamese government announced it was considering a ban on OTT messaging services.

There have also been plenty of updates on the push and pull between mobiles biggest companies, from Apple falling out of the top five OEMs in the APAC region to the surprise news that Yahoo! had overtaken Google for desktop traffic.

Meanwhile, cinema second screening app Cinime – and the Phonix technology powering it – caught my eye. With so much focus on the relationship between TV and mobile, the cinema is a relatively untapped area of opportunity, and itll be interesting to see whether Cinime can be the one to crack it.

Thanks for reading and, as Monday is a Bank Holiday here in the UK, well be back bright and early on Tuesday.

Alex Spencer

Online Editor