WeFi Arrives on Android

Community-based global wi-fi network WeFi has launched a version of its free software for Android devices, offering Android users automatic access to the best wi-fi connection available. Users can download the free WeFi software either directly from the WeFi website, or by searching for WeFi in Android Market on their Android phone. WeFi is listed under Applications/Communication. 
WeFi automatically connects the user to the best open wi-fi connection available. If the connection is lost, WeFi automatically reconnects to another available open wi-fi hotspot. Since it is a community-generated network, with many of the access points provided by the users themselves, if the open hotspot detected was previously unknown to the network, it is added, so that other users can automatically connect to it when they are in the area.
WeFi always seeks to connect users to wi-fi hotspots where Internet access has already been verified by other WeFi-enabled devices dubbed community-verified spots – in a growing network of over 21 million access points worldwide.  
The launch of WeFi on Android demonstrates our commitment to creating
a truly seamless wi-fi experience, says WeFi CEO,  Zur Feldman.
Thanks to WeFi, the growing number of Android users around the world
can now forget about a long and complicated manual search for a wi-fi
hotspot, and benefit from a simple one-step process to launch any
application, wherever they are.