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Chinese social networks face investigation for failing to deal with forbidden content

Tyrone Stewart

China flagThe Chinese government is investigating the nation’s three biggest social media platforms – Weibo, WeChat and Baidu Tieba – for alleged breaches of cyber security laws in failing to deal with unsavoury content.

The Office of Cyberspace Administration, which was setup in 2014 to monitor the Chinese internet, said that people had been using the popular highly-popular platforms to spread terrorism-related material, and rumours and obscenities directed at the Communist Party, reports the BBC.

According to the Administration, the breaches “jeopardised national security”, despite the majority of China’s big players working hard to eradicate the content already.

Last month, the Chinese government shutdown 60 celebrity gossip sites for similar breaches to what the social media giants are accused of, and all online news portals are now managed by Communist Party sanctioned editorial staff.

Of course, China already blocks foreign social media sites and search engines, as part of the government’s already massive censorship of the internet. This was further highlighted last month when Apple bowed down to Chinese pressure and removed all VPNs (virtual private networks) from its App Store in China.

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