Welcome a New Face in Programmatic Monetization

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Founded by a group of specialists with extensive experience in the AdTech industry, Bidinfluence stands as a supply-side platform specialising in dynamic monetization through high-quality programmatic video ads.

Сompany’s mission is to improve monetization opportunities for mobile and web publishers, providing them with cutting-edge programmatic technology. While the synergy of built-in AI/ML algorithms and human team experience unlocks additional optimisation potential, a convenient platform interface makes it simple for every publisher to start growing revenue.

Bidinfluence allows customers to automate monetization, offering a full-featured SSP powered by real-time data. Competitive eCPM, professional support, various integration types like oRTB, Header Bidding, VAST/VPAID, and high fill rate are only the beginning. With complete control over the inventory and real-time dashboards, publishers can monetize all traffic types and formats available in the industry with the next level of efficiency.

The Bidinfluence logo deliberately represents the impact on the programmatic advertising, SSP, and digital product monetization markets. The carefully chosen symbols embody the company’s influence and commitment to shaping these industries. The name “Bidinfluence” itself is a fusion of “bid,” a fundamental element in programmatic advertising, and “influence,” signifying the brand’s impactful relationship with the market.

Bidinfluence CEO Daniel Kalinovskij said: “As Bidinfluence emerges, we aim to create a brand that communicates our core values and resonates with industry players. Our identity reflects dedication to providing innovative solutions that drive success for publishers in an ever-evolving digital landscape,”

For further information, please contact us via our new site and social media: