Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the new-look MobileMarketingMagazine.com.

The old site served us well over the past three and a bit years, but it wasnt always easy to find the very best content. So weve given the whole site a makeover to address that issue, bringing guest columns, interviews, analysis and the biggest news stories to the fore.

Youll also find that well be bringing you more analysis and feature material in the coming weeks.

On the new site, youll find themed content that takes a deeper dive into some aspect of mobile, whether its a disciple (e.g. advertising), sector (e.g. retail), technology (e.g. NFC), or demographic (e.g. kids).

Well be kicking off the new regime next week, and start off by focusing on location-based services, with a look at indoor mapping solutions, and how location is being incorporated – or not – into apps and ads.

Doubtless, therell be a few bugs over next few days, and we know the site is running slow right now, but well be working hard to address these issues as the site gets fully up and running.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new site. If youve got feedback – good or bad – wed love to hear from you.

Alex Spencer
Online Editor