Weleda launches global campaign to 'Save Earth's Skin'

David Murphy

Green beauty brand Weleda has launched a multi-million-pound purpose-led brand campaign highlighting the need to care for the soil, as we would our skin, in its mission to help #SaveEarthsSkin.

The integrated global campaign, created by Red Consultancy centres on a hero piece of video content shot in partnership with model and environmental activist Arizona Muse, alongside her soil regeneration charity, Dirt.

The hero film content uses a projection mapping technique on Arizona’s body to showcase how soil, the ‘skin’ of the Earth, is under threat, with a third of the Earth’s soil already degraded.

Shot on location in Arizona’s home in Ibiza, the aim was to make her skin a natural canvas on which powerful moving footage of the earth and Weleda's plant sources could be layered in postproduction. The film will be amplified on social channels including Facebook and Instagram in 40 countries across the world.

A social media, influencer and PR campaign will run alongside the hero film, while Weleda will support the work and showcase ways in which the public can get involved on new landing pages on their in-market website, encouraging people to make positive changes to protect soil as they would their own skin, starting with simple, small steps. From planting and composting, to choosing planet-friendly products which are grown with minimal impact on the environment.

Weleda will bring the campaign to life for consumers at the point of purchase with in-store and point of sale promotions planned in each market. In the UK for every purchase of Weleda’s Skin Food range during the campaign period, a tree will be planted.

Beyond the communications campaign, Weleda is also committing an additional £330,000 to soil-focussed projects across the globe. These include:

  • La Sague, an ecological community garden in Paris, France.

  • The Swiss Organic Foundation’s Soil Fertility Fund which is helping farmers cultivate more than one million meters of land organically across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Carbon8 which supports farmers who work in a regenerative way to bind carbon to the soil in Australia.

In the UK, Weleda is working with UK charity TreeSisters in a pledge to plant 1 million trees, to help counter soil erosion, prevent flooding and protect natural habitats. 153,000 trees have already been planted, and because planting trees is a great way to protect soil, Weleda will be working with TreeSisters to plant a tree for every Skin Food product sold from April through to June at its online store, and through Weleda Wellbeing Advisors and selected retail partners.

“Weleda has been growing the plants used to make its skin and healthcare products organically for over a century,” said Eileen Smith, Global Brand Equity Head of Weleda. “Our natural farming methods are designed to keep the soil healthy and full of nutrient-rich humus, providing a home for organisms, like earthworms which help make the soil fertile. Commitment to soil is at the heart of our product sourcing. We hope that with Arizona and DIRT we can make the impact necessary to inspire real change and improve the soil situation for good.”