WeQ is launching its own influencer agency

WeQ, a mobile advertising and branding company, has launched its own influencer marketing agency, WeQ Influencers, which will offer endorsed native ad campaigns on platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Along with branding, WeQ Influencers plans to provide clients with tracking, attribution and KPI-driven results.

“WeQ Influencers leverages our market expertise to deliver the most impactful and scalable influencer campaigns for global brands,” said Markus Malti, managing director of WeQ.

WeQ Influencers will be led by co-founders Elena Kutsopal and Olga Wese, who will act as managing directors. Before coming to WeQ, Kutsopal co-founded the European office of Mail.ru, and held leadership positions with Cheetah Mobile (musical.ly), Glipsa, Gala Networks, and Booking.com. Previously, Wese worked at Softgames, where she gained experience with Facebook Messenger. Later on, she led influencer performance campaigns on YouTube and Instagram, while working at PlayCom.

“By bringing our mobile marketing expertise and deep knowledge of social media platforms to WeQ Influencers, we can help brands and app developers engage with high quality consumers across a wide array of key markets, through a fully transparent marketing approach – even by allocating conservative budgets, as we think this channel should be affordable to everyone,” said Kutsopal.

Wese said: “Weve created a truly unique and effective way for advertisers to reach users where theyre most engaged, unlock new marketing significant channels and maximize return on ad spend in influencer marketing. By leveraging influencers’ personal brands and connecting their communities with products across multiple social networks, we are able to deliver true engagement and transfer the loyalty from the influencer onto the product. Were looking forward to customer response following the launch of our WeQ Influencers agency.”