WeQ launches mobile gaming studio

WeQMobile advertising firm WeQ has acquired Booster Studios, a boutique games development studio, and rebranded it as WeQ Studios.

WeQ Studios will publish first and third-party hyper-casual games, providing mobile developers with services to launch, market, and grow their games. The division is already working with third-party developers to publish their games and will work with partners to enable apps to gain visibility and achieve specific KPIs in markets including the US, Europe, and Eastern Europe.7

“WeQ Studios leverages our market expertise in mobile advertising to offer premium player acquisition and industry knowledge, which enables our partners to get discovered while they focus on what they do best: create great mobile games. This combination of gaming talent and advertising expertise ensures our partners’ success,” said Markus Malti, managing director at WeQ.

As Booster Studios, WeQ’s acquisition released two games called Helix Madness and Tower Raise. Under the WeQ Studios brand, it has already launched Cube Flip and will release a game called Clear Out in June.

“By bringing our mobile gaming expertise and deep knowledge of casual gaming to WeQ, we can help developers of all types and sizes to publish, launch and market their games across key markets,” said Frédéric Hatanian, head of gaming at WeQ Studios. “WeQ Studios is working with some of the most experienced developers in the industry to ensure best-in-class game development. We work with our partners transparently, with fairness and full respect for intellectual property. We understand that our success is determined by our partners’ success. We are always eager for new games to show at our door and are looking forward to seeing how our unique offering can help developers.”