WeROK Adds Free Mobile Games

WeROK, the ad-funded, free to download and free to use mobile/web converged services application launched last month by ROK Entertainment Group and wi-fi mapping company WeFi, has added free mobile games to its roster of web-enabled mobile services.
In addition to free Mobile TV streamed on demand via wi-fi and free email, WeROK users are now able to download a selection of high quality games to play on their mobile phone free of charge, over wi-fi, via the Internet.
WeROK, which is compatible with Nokia S60 devices, is free to download at www.werok.net and is free to use. WeROK automatically scans for wi-fi hotspots and logs on to the strongest free-access hotspot within range, enabling the user to take advantage of a variety of web-enabled services contained within the application, such as free Mobile TV, free mobile email and low-cost text services.
WeROK's suite of mobile games has been sourced from rich-media ad network innerActive. The in-game ads are retrieved via wi-fi and can be targeted based on player demographics, location and contextual awareness to each game.
 We have already seen a fantastic level of interest in WeROK, driven, largely  by our free Mobile TV service, says ROK CEO, Jonathan Kendrick. We are confident the addition of free mobile games will serve to further boost the popularity of WeROK globally.
WeROK is connected to WeFis globally-mapped database of more than 24 million wi-fi hotspots, and locates the best free wi-fi connection automatically.