Weve Launches Smart Mobile Coupon System

Asda_McCain press images v2Weve, the mobile marketing and commerce provider owned by UK network O2, has unveiled a new smart coupon system for mobile phones that will launch later this month with supermarket Asda.

Weve has partnered with digital promotions firm Eagle Eye Solutions to create smart scanner mobile coupons that enable customers to redeem offers straight from their smartphone, while allowing advertisers to track redemptions in real-time, and provide more personalised and relevant offers to customers.

The system sends SMS messages to customers with the offer details and a link to the coupon, which is generated by Eagle Eyes technology when customers click on it. The digital coupon can then be scanned directly at the checkout to be redeemed.

“Our partnership with Eagle Eye is a prime example of how we continue to innovate our offering to provide advertisers with relevant opportunities to connect with an increasingly mobile-cetnrie public,” said Tom Pearman, commercial director at Weve. “Using Weves unique text messaging service, advertisers can no influence consuemrs in the vicinity of a mobile scanner-enabled retailer to drive product trial and purchase via mobile coupon redemption.”

The mobile coupon system will first be used by shopper media agency Capture to promote its brands at Asda branches, who will be using a targeted campaign to deliver coupons for products like McCain Roasts to cost-conscious shoppers.

“We are very excited about using Weve and Eagle Eyes new capability in Asda to deliver trial of our clients products,” said Matt Lee, director and co-founder of Capture. “It can often be a struggle to gain sustainable rates of sale when a product is hidden among over 30,000 others in a supermarket.

“We can now get them seen by using the right deal mechanics, to target the right demographic, when theyre in the purchasing mindset in-store. Thats a genuine win for the consumer, the brand and the retailer.”