RCS: Next-gen messaging for 2020

Nick Millward, VP of Europe at mGage, looks at how brands can benefit from using RCS messaging

Rich Communication Services (RCS) continues to be at the forefront of the mobile industry as an innovative form of messaging that enables businesses to deliver a richer and more interactive customer experience.

With personalised branding and authorised verification this provides familiarity and trust that makes customers more likely to engage with RCS messages.  

The diagram below highlights the key drivers for brands wanting to use RCS Messaging

Interactive elements such as carousels and suggested response buttons  increase customer engagement through ease of use and familiar functionality; while rich media such as videos, images and rich cards create visually appealing messages that allow businesses to deliver information in a multitude of ways aside from standard text.

Examples of RCS features

RCS is now fully enabled in the UK and with momentum continuously building and customer demand increasing, RCS is well on its way to becoming the primary next-gen messaging tool for today’s B2C messaging.

To learn more about RCS and how it can benefit your marketing capabilities, check out how mGage can help you develop your own RCS strategy.