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What Does iOS5 Mean for Mobile Advertising?

David Murphy

Apple’s HQ address is finally making sense to me: 1 Infinite Loop. You can’t deny the firm’s genius at coming up with desirable, and hugely successful, devices and software services. But they are frustratingly rubbish at returning phone calls or emails with urgent queries about stuff they’ve told you that needs a bit of clarification.

For all the clever stuff announced a few hours ago in San Francisco, there’s potentially a big story in the fact that the Safari Reader in iOS5 will strip out “all the clutter” as Apple describes it, from websites, to make it easier to read the content on a mobile device.

From what we gather, this “clutter” will include the ads on the site. This in itself is a big story. What’s not clear is whether it includes only the ads on “full-fat” websites viewed on an iOS5-enabled device, or whether it also applies to those on mobile-optimised sites too? And do the same rules apply whether you are looking at the site on an iPhone or an iPad? Both of these questions must surely be of considerable concern to the mobile advertising community, for whom the iPhone/iPad-owning demographic is a hugely important one. We are seeking their views on the matter, and hope to bring you these tomorrow, together with an update on the story, if we can find anyone at Apple to talk to.


David Murphy