WhatsApp reaches 1bn daily users, who send 55bn messages each day

Tyrone Stewart

WhatsAppFacebook posted a better-than-expected earnings report but one of its messaging platforms has also enjoyed some success. Instant messaging service WhatsApp has reached the milestone of 1bn daily users.

That’s right. Everyday 1bn people around the globe use the service to communicate with family and friends. Between those 1bn people, they send 55bn messages, 4.5bn photos and 1bn videos every day. On top of that, the app boasts 1.3bn monthly active users.

“Whether it’s sharing personalized photos and videos, connecting through video calling, or keeping friends updated throughout the day with Status, communicating on WhatsApp has never been easier or more personal,” said the WhatsApp team in a blog post. “We are humbled that so many people are using these new features to connect with one another in their own special way.”

In Facebook’s earnings call, following the release of its earnings report, the topic of monetisation was brought up a lot. However, the Facebook execs were clear that WhatsApp was a long way off making money.   

“From a monetisation perspective, I think the strategy there is were focused on growing the user base, first and foremost, and then secondly, it’s about building organic connections between businesses… and consumers, and then third, it’s about how we build monetisation around those relationships,” said Facebook CFO David Wehner. “I think there, we’re further along with Messenger than we are with WhatsApp.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg added: “Messenger, I think, is a really important thing and WhatsApp over a three to five-year period and we’re investing a lot and that is a huge opportunity.”