WhatsApp makes shopping easier with 'carts'

Tyrone Stewart

WhatsApp has made it easier for its users to purchase items from businesses – and for businesses to fulfil orders – by introducing the ability to order multiple products at once.

With 'carts', people can browse a business’ catalogue, select multiple items, and then send the order in one message to the business, aligning the process with that of more traditional eCommerce platforms.

Customers can add products to their cart by tapping on the shopping button icon on the chat screen with a business. This opens up the catalogue, enabling the user to browse through the products the business is offering. Users can then tap on the products they like and tap ‘add to cart’. The cart can be edited by tapping ‘view cart’.

Once the customer is happy with what is in their cart, they can send it to the seller as a WhatsApp message. Orders are not final until they have been confirmed by the seller.